Getting started with Oak Draw
Link to Dial Solutions website
Choose from millimetres, centimetres, inches and points.
Allows you to set the Paper Size (A0 to A5) and alignment (portrait or landscape), to toggle the Status Bar below the drawing area on and off and to change the Default settings applied when you start a new drawing.
New Window opens a new window with a copy of the current drawing. Editing in one window changes all copies, but each window can be scrolled independently, allowing you to view different sections simultaneously. Cascade and Tile manage the display of multiple windows. Close All closes all windows. The menu also displays the title of each drawing that is loaded so you can click in the list and bring that window to the front or open a minimized window.
Contents and Search give you access to the Oak Draw help facility. (NB this is not the same as this Getting Started guide, which is supplied on the CD). About tells you the version number and date.