Getting started with Oak Draw
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Closed curved lines
Use this tool to make shapes from curved lines in which the first and last points are joined.
Closed shapes are easy to fill with colour.
Click the left mouse button on the tool, then at the starting point of your line. Move the mouse and see the line element 'rubber-band'. While you are drawing, the end of each element is marked by a blue blob.
To end the line element and add a new one to the line, click the left mouse button once, then move the mouse again.
You can continue to add as many elements as you need. To end the line, double-click the left mouse button or click once then press Return.
As you make the line, you will notice green 'control points' between the blue blobs. For more about these, see the editing section. The final blue point is joined to the starting point, producing a closed shape.