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What is My World? My World is a popular, award winning educational software resource. Its concept is simple, but it has proved to be one of the most widely used programs in UK education. My World screens can contain pictures and text. Pictures and text can be picked up, moved, dropped and deleted. Text can be added and edited. The program is very simple to learn and use, yet is powerful enough to be a most effective learning tool.

My World Online My World Online uses Java to deliver My World resources over the internet. These screens duplicate all the features of desktop My World except for saving and printing. Until now, My World has been available for the Windows and Acorn platforms only - this version is available on any platform with a Java enabled browser, including Apple and Sun computers.

My World Online requires a Java capable browser (not supplied) to be installed on the computer.

Home and School My World is a valuable learning tool at home as well as in school. The range of screens makes it accessible to a wide spectrum of children, from pre-school to high school. It is fundamental to the My World philosophy that the screens make no attempt to give marks for the way they are used. Instead, they invite users to use imagination and creativity - to find meanings and relationships for themselves. One of the most valuable activities in learning is to be asked why you've done something in a certain way, and to justify it. My World excels in promoting this skill.

This site To use this site you need a licence. Follow the link to 'subscription' to find out how to obtain a licence, and how to log in to the site. The licence allows you to use this site in your home or school for one year. At the end of that time, you will be invited to renew it. The 'examples' section shows a small selection of activities from the site to tempt you to obtain a licence. During the year, new screens will be added from time to time. Keep an eye on the menu pages!

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