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AFibbers Database


You can search the database by typing a keyword into the text box. It does not matter whether the text is entered using either upper or lower case. If a text entry does not produce a satisfactory result, it may be that alternative words should be tried, or abbreviations expanded, e.g. trying variations such as "Atrial Fibrillation", AFib, fib, or AF. Note that in this example, using fib as the search string will match all records containing Atrial Fibriallation, AFib and Fib but not AF.

Placing a phrase in quotations forces the search engine to find that complete phrase e.g. "Atrial Fibrillation" would not return entries containing only the word Fibrillation, whereas Atrial Fibrillation would return all entries containing the word Atrial as well as all entries containing the word Fibrillation.

To search using more than one keyword, normal logical operators can be used e.g. AND NOT OR. e.g. exercise and indigestion will return only the entries which refer to both exercise AND indigestion. Whereas exercise not indigestion will return every entry containing the word exercise except for those which also contain the word indigestion.

To perform a more detailed search go to 'Advanced Search'. Here you will be able to indicate particular areas of interest in addition to adding free text as described previously. Ticking the boxes labelled Male and vagal and clicking on search will return all entries with both Male and vagal ticked. Adding keywords in the text box will perform a normal text search but this time limited to Male/vagal entries. e.g. Typing indigestion and ticking Male and vagal will return entries with both Male and vagal ticked, which refer to indigestion in the text.

In all cases, the search engine returns the Name and Location of the entry. To see the full entry, click on the Name. If a person wishes to remain anonymous they may use 'Anon' as their name but the link will still take you to the correct page

For those searches which return more than 10 entries, the first 10 are displayed initially, and then others can be accessed by clicking on [Next>>] or the links numbered 1, 2 etc. Earlier pages can be returned to using the link labelled [<<Prev]

From this page you can also choose to view the search results as a table by clicking on 'View all these records in a single table' or to save them as a csv file, so that you can import them into your own spreadsheet or database, by clicking on 'Save all these records as a CSV file'

Suggestions for alterations to any of the entries can be submitted by clicking on the email link to the editor which is included at the bottom of each screen.

If you wish to edit an entry you have previously submitted, click on Log in and edit.

Statistics for the first 161 entries.


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