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AFibbers Database: Stephen Cooley


NameStephen Cooley
LocationLiberty, Missouri (MO) USA
Diagnosed conditionPAT AF/FL
Years with condition12
Frequency of episodesDaily
Duration of episodes5 minutes to 54 hours
Event preceding first AFOver Stressing (again) Over Stressing JOB
General healthT-II Diabetes (well under control)
Current stateSure could be a LOT BETTER
Distress Makes no difference, happy times are as devestating as illness, death of family member, car wreck, etc. Being TOO TIRED (on CPAP, and that alone keeps me from getting a really restful sleep. Anxiety disorder, I just can't make my brain understand that these (Mule Kick) irregular beats are "Not Life Threatening". Sure feels life threatening to my "primative brain".
PreventionsDrugs to induce stupor. almost PRN Xanax, Ambien, Tylenol #3 plus all the effects of 240mg Inderal X2, 300mg Ethmozine X2, 10mg Hytrin X2, Amioderon 2X20mg (Loading) x2, Synthroid (tumor removal), Actos 15mg X1
Current medications/side effectsIntense fatigue, depression, inability to concentrate, blurred vision, shakiness, (I KNOW BETTER THAN TO ATTEMPT TO DRIVE A CAR) leaving me "Home Alone".
Past medications/side effectsMost of them made me feel like I'd have to DIE to feel better. The ones that didn't cause that reaction were totally ineffective.
History of surgeryTwo angioplastic radio frequency ablations... Somewhat successful. Thyroid removal with non malignant adanomas...3cm and 5cm diameters.
Future plansGive Amioderon a chance. Maybe a pacemaker

I feel like taking a bandanna and wrapping a couple of sets of underwear, tying it to a "walking stick" pole, and just RUNNING AWAY. Maybe if I ran away fast enough, I could fool the Gremlin that took the place of my heart and I might LOOSE him.
Personal comments8/10/2004 will see me getting a Medtronic AT500 PaceMaker.
The Medicines have failed, and even in the Dr's Office, from one second to 50 seconds later, my pulse will wildly fluctuate from 34 to 150+... and the blood pressure "Flys" along with my pulse. My pace will be 65, and even though I'm only 54, I feel like my heart is 90, and my activities reflect that fact. I'm bed-ridden most of the time, and really important events happen, and I just MISS THEM. I'm really tired of missing out on life. Even if I'm not in bed, I have to watch out that I don't "Pass Out" with the ever-changing pressures. 4 syncope's in just the last 2 months. Good Lord Willing, by Tuesday, 8/10/04 at about Noon CDT-USA, I'll be on an even kiel, just beating along, pumping away, and I can forget the gremlin that took the place of my heart.
Check list
crossacebutololtickamiodarone (cordarone,pacerone)crossanisindione (miradon)
crossatenolol (tenormin)tickaspirincrossazimilide
crossbepridilcrossbetaxololcrossbisoprolol (monocor,emconcor)
tickdigoxin (lanoxin)tickdiltiazem (cardizem)crossdiphenylhydantoin
tickdisopyramide (norpace)crossdofetilide (tikosyn)crossdronedarone
crossencainidecrossesmolol (brevibloc)crossersentilide
tickflecainide (tambocor)crossgallopamilcrossibutilide (corvert)
ticklidocainecrossmibefradiltickmetoprolol (lopressor,toprol xl)
tickphenytointickprocainamidecrosspropafanone (rythmol)
tickpropranolol (inderal)tickquinapril (accupril)tickquinidine (quinaglute)
crosssotalol (betapace)crosstedisamilcrosstimolol
crosstocainidecrosstrandolapril (mavik)crossvalsartan (diovan)
tickverapamil (calan,isoptin)tickwarfarin (coumadin)crossasthma
tickdiabetestickGERD/acid refluxtickhypertension
tickatrial fluttercrosscardiomyopathycrossCHF
crossheart blockcrossmyocardial infarctioncrossrheumatic heart diease
crosssick sinus syndromecrossstrokecrossWPW
tickelectrical cardioversioncrossdefibrillatortickpacemaker

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