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LocationEssex England
AgeLate 60s
Diagnosed conditionP.A.F.
Years with conditionCurrently 4 years - I believe I've had episodes in ealier years that were misdiognosed
Frequency of episodesevery 3----6 weeks
Duration of episodes4-----20 hours
Event preceding first AFstress
General healthGlaucoma.
Current stateHaving acupuncture. Feel well but concerned it will increase
TriggersI think stress at times but often there doesn't seem to be a reason.
PreventionsI have tried pressing my eyes, blowing my nose, drinking ice cold water without much success.
Current medications/side effectsatenolol and aspirin
atenolol makes me tired but does mean that during an episode my pulse doesn't go mad and it is bearable
Past medications/side effectspropanolol
History of surgeryappendectomy many years ago
Future plansTrying not to go on to Sotalol because of all the side effects i keep hearing about.

I am thinking of asking my G.P.if I can see an E.P.
as they are the experts. Evidently most people in America with Atrial Fib regularly see one.
Personal commentsI think it is important to stay calm, easier said than done! I do believe that I had episodes of this in the past and was told not to worry it is nothing to be concerned about-just forget it. Perhaps that is why I didn't have it for many years - I certainly still had stress in my life
Check list
crossacebutololcrossamiodarone (cordarone,pacerone)crossanisindione (miradon)
tickatenolol (tenormin)tickaspirincrossazimilide
crossbepridilcrossbetaxololcrossbisoprolol (monocor,emconcor)
crossdigoxin (lanoxin)crossdiltiazem (cardizem)crossdiphenylhydantoin
crossdisopyramide (norpace)crossdofetilide (tikosyn)crossdronedarone
crossencainidecrossesmolol (brevibloc)crossersentilide
crossflecainide (tambocor)crossgallopamilcrossibutilide (corvert)
crosslidocainecrossmibefradilcrossmetoprolol (lopressor,toprol xl)
crossphenytoincrossprocainamidecrosspropafanone (rythmol)
crosspropranolol (inderal)crossquinapril (accupril)crossquinidine (quinaglute)
crosssotalol (betapace)crosstedisamilcrosstimolol
crosstocainidecrosstrandolapril (mavik)crossvalsartan (diovan)
crossverapamil (calan,isoptin)crosswarfarin (coumadin)crossasthma
crossdiabetescrossGERD/acid refluxcrosshypertension
crossatrial fluttercrosscardiomyopathycrossCHF
crossheart blockcrossmyocardial infarctioncrossrheumatic heart diease
crosssick sinus syndromecrossstrokecrossWPW
crosselectrical cardioversioncrossdefibrillatorcrosspacemaker

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