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AFibbers Database: Michael Ethridge


NameMichael Ethridge
LocationJonesboro AR
Diagnosed conditionoccasional At fib
Years with condition6
Frequency of episodesonly 1 episode in 5yrs... then 3 episodes this year
Duration of episodes10-30 mins
Event preceding first AFnone
General healthgreat
Current stategreat
Triggersepisodes have always occurred at night. All while going to sleep except one after dinner. (chili) and 2 donuts!! shame on me!

I was lying on my left side 3 times when it started.

My thoughts before reading this forum were that large, spicey meals, caffeine, alcohol, maybe sugar, a low potassium level, stress may have triggered my episodes. I am just not sure. I am finding many of these same triggers are found among others listed here.

PreventionsI have had 4 episodes:
one converted in Er with IV cardizem (30 min duration)
one converted spontaneously (30 minute duration)
two converted with a 60 mg cardizem tablet (one10mins the other 30mins.)
Current medications/side effectsI have been on lipitor 10mg for 4 years. One episode before starting the lipitor
Also a baby aspirin every night
Past medications/side effectsnone
History of surgerynone
Future plansread more info on At Fib, and try to avoid the triggers.
Do not want to become a chronic at fibber!
Personal commentsVery confusing trying to find exactly what triggers an episode.

I have always ran a slow heart rate of upper 40's-low 50's. Always thought it was the track and sports. My doctor says that bradycardia has a higher incidence of At Fib. I still run on the treadmill, am not overweight and healthy.
Check list
crossacebutololcrossamiodarone (cordarone,pacerone)crossanisindione (miradon)
crossatenolol (tenormin)tickaspirincrossazimilide
crossbepridilcrossbetaxololcrossbisoprolol (monocor,emconcor)
crossdigoxin (lanoxin)crossdiltiazem (cardizem)crossdiphenylhydantoin
crossdisopyramide (norpace)crossdofetilide (tikosyn)crossdronedarone
crossencainidecrossesmolol (brevibloc)crossersentilide
crossflecainide (tambocor)crossgallopamilcrossibutilide (corvert)
crosslidocainecrossmibefradilcrossmetoprolol (lopressor,toprol xl)
crossphenytoincrossprocainamidecrosspropafanone (rythmol)
crosspropranolol (inderal)crossquinapril (accupril)crossquinidine (quinaglute)
crosssotalol (betapace)crosstedisamilcrosstimolol
crosstocainidecrosstrandolapril (mavik)crossvalsartan (diovan)
crossverapamil (calan,isoptin)crosswarfarin (coumadin)crossasthma
crossdiabetescrossGERD/acid refluxcrosshypertension
crossatrial fluttercrosscardiomyopathycrossCHF
crossheart blockcrossmyocardial infarctioncrossrheumatic heart diease
crosssick sinus syndromecrossstrokecrossWPW
crosselectrical cardioversioncrossdefibrillatorcrosspacemaker

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