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AFibbers Database: Todd Pearson


NameTodd Pearson
LocationVashon Island, WA
Diagnosed conditionRefractory atrial fibrillation
Years with condition20
Frequency of episodes8-10 per month
Duration of episodes12-40 hours
Event preceding first AFNone
General healthVery good. I run 25-30 miles per week. Resting HR low 40's
Current stateLiving with it. Continue to run and exercise and pretend that it is not there.
TriggersLack of Sleep.
Current medications/side effectsCoumadin.
Past medications/side effectsAtenelol.
All pretty ineffective - continued episodes in spite of taking the damn drugs for 15 years.

After my first ablation procedure I was given Amiodarone for a very short time. I had what doctors have called an allergic reaction, which threw my thyroid way out of whack. I know from my own experience and my mom's toxic reaction to it late in her life that it is a dangerous and excessively aggressive drug. Avoid it at all costs.
History of surgeryI've had 2 ablation procedures, each performed by my cardiologist. He is an excellent doctor, the head of Electrophysiology Services at a major hospital in Seattle. The first surgery was ineffective, but the second one gave me nearly 2 years of symptom-free living. Gradually, however, the symptoms returned, though they are not as severe or debilitating as they were prior to surgery. Having tasted the magnificence of living without afib, I will not stop trying for a cure, and to that end have decided to have another procedure. My cardiologist agrees that my third (and hopefully final) procedure ought to be done by another doctor. I'm currently trying to convince my insurance company that the best, most effective clinic (ergo, ultimately the least expensive) is the Haut Leveque Hospital in Bordeaux, France. The father of the catheter ablation procedure, and the most consistent innovator in heart rhythm technique is Dr.Michel Haissaguerre. I think this clinic presents the best chance in the world for a cure, and I'll be going there soon, I hope.
Future plansLive a healthy, active life that is free of the cursed atrial fibrillation.
Personal commentsUnfortunately, most of us live acutely aware of our symptoms. It's hard to avoid feeling the slightest rhythm variation, and to feel the disappointment, anger and sometimes fear as another episode bears down on you.
I have trouble differentiating between PAC's and afib, and for my money PAC's are nearly as insidious. I feel them almost as strongly as afib, and if I don't push myself they will keep me from living the life I want to lead. I want a life free from all arrhythmias, and I won't quit till I get there!!
You have to fight the bastard.
Check list
crossacebutololtickamiodarone (cordarone,pacerone)crossanisindione (miradon)
tickatenolol (tenormin)tickaspirincrossazimilide
crossbepridilcrossbetaxololcrossbisoprolol (monocor,emconcor)
crossdigoxin (lanoxin)crossdiltiazem (cardizem)crossdiphenylhydantoin
crossdisopyramide (norpace)crossdofetilide (tikosyn)crossdronedarone
crossencainidecrossesmolol (brevibloc)crossersentilide
tickflecainide (tambocor)crossgallopamilcrossibutilide (corvert)
crosslidocainecrossmibefradilcrossmetoprolol (lopressor,toprol xl)
crossphenytoincrossprocainamidetickpropafanone (rythmol)
crosspropranolol (inderal)crossquinapril (accupril)crossquinidine (quinaglute)
crosssotalol (betapace)crosstedisamilcrosstimolol
crosstocainidecrosstrandolapril (mavik)crossvalsartan (diovan)
crossverapamil (calan,isoptin)tickwarfarin (coumadin)crossasthma
crossdiabetestickGERD/acid refluxcrosshypertension
tickatrial fluttercrosscardiomyopathycrossCHF
crossheart blockcrossmyocardial infarctioncrossrheumatic heart diease
crosssick sinus syndromecrossstrokecrossWPW
tickelectrical cardioversioncrossdefibrillatorcrosspacemaker

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